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An intern on the sets of Queen dismisses Kangana’s allegations against Vikas Bahl

After the Nayani Dixit interview, Bollywood Hungama received a call from New Jersey, USA. Nayani had mentioned that a 21 year old girl from the Costumes department had confided in her as to how Vikas tried to get too close for comfort. This girl claimed that she is the same girl that Nayani was talking about. She requested not to feature her name as she’s married and living abroad. She has given a completely different account of what according to her happened on the sets of Queen.

An intern on the sets of Queen dismisses Kangana's allegations against Vikas Bahl

So, you say you are the 21 year old girl who worked in the Costumes department in Queen who was allegedly sexually abused by Vikas Bahl as stated by Nayani Dixit in her interview. Are you confirming whatever was stated by Nayani? 
Whatever she has said here is not at all true. What she has mentioned about costume department and girl confiding in her is not at all true because Vikas has personally been always very cordial. He was very professional. So he never flirted or something like that. We all are good friends and this is the kind of thing people are saying is completely wrong and I mean I am quite shocked. There is clearly mentioned in the article that Nayani is saying that 21 year Costume department girl confided in her or something which is a complete lie.

So who’s that 21 year old girl?
Yeah I was in a costume department, it was me.

Alright and what’s your name?
I don’t want my name to be mentioned in this thing, I don’t want to get involved in that form or something.

So you are saying that nothing of this sort had happened and Vikas Bahl was absolutely cordial with you.
Nothing. I mean I am shocked to read this. He has always been so cordial and he helped us many times professionally so you know we had actually come on internship basis for this movie from our college. We lived in Delhi so we were there we would be handling and nothing of this sort happened. I mean the way she has mentioned in the article, nothing of that sort happened and not even once has he misbehaved or tried to flirt or something like he has always been like a mentor. He has always guided us and not even once has he done something like this.

And how long did you have the interaction with her?
So Nayani was there for only 2-3 months, the time which we shot in Delhi. Queen was shot in Paris also and Nayani wasn’t present there but the part which was shot in Delhi, the 2 months part shot in Delhi which she is mentioning about, for entire Delhi part we were there. I was handling Kangna‘s costume as well. And you know it is mentioned in that but nothing of this sort has happened, he never flirted, he never misbehaved. Nothing of this sort ever happened.

Nayani has said that people would come in her room and use the loo…
I don’t know about her accommodation. That I have no idea but you know when it comes to sets, I don’t know if something like that happened when I was not present but whenever I was present I haven’t seen a situation like this that because apparently you know in the whole movie set it was very easy to approach Vikas and talk to him about any of these kind of things and you know I haven’t seen him yelling at someone or mentioning that we didn’t get food or food was spicy or something rather I would say that food was really good. And then you know what he was present there and shooting and we were comfortable there and I didn’t see even once anything like this happening, I mean, you know when I read about this article I was just like you know it was biased or something like that and you know she has very well mentioned in that the girl confided in her, this is like such a lie you know. She can say anything about herself but why she is saying anything about anyone else which is not even true?

Alright, so do you feel because the fact is that since Vikas Bahl is now already in the dock due to allegations so it’s rather easy for anybody to gain publicity, that’s what you feel ?
Yes it’s a fact. It’s true. Basically I did want to talk about this because it’s clearly mentioned and you can check it out that it was about costume people and it was me.

Since you have the integrity to just call up and mention all of this, I think you should mention your name. 
See the only point is I don’t want my name coming in article because I am married and settled abroad…

Okay, so how many other films you worked on?
I have worked on three films and a couple of shows. I have done a lot of freelancing ads and all that as well.

Okay so you know what suddenly happening is that after this entire Tanushree Dutt matter and the way it has no-balled and even the Vikas Bahl matter the way it was no-balled what is happening is that everybody is thinking that film industry is not a safe place for women and so many men lurking around, what is your personal opinion? Do you think that, have you encountered any predatory man, as you said you live in Delhi and you were working here?
No, not really. Nothing of this sort I mean you know, think something happening on the set or something you know people outlook or whatever the situation is happening, I just wanted to talk about this particular article and not anything else. I just want to mention and clarify the whole fact that I have not seen… I mean he is a good person; he is a very good person. I have always respected him and he has always given respect to me, you know and to rest of the girls also. I think he has never misbehaved, I didn’t see him yelling and never something of this sort like flirting, you know I just think how can people make such story or put wrong allegations on someone which is really wrong. I am like, genuinely respect the person because he has so much knowledge about everything and he is such a respectable and he has always been so decent to us and nothing of this sort has happened so you know, that’s all what I wanted to talk about. And about set and all, I think its fine. It’s all about how you conduct yourself and how you take care of yourself, that’s all it is about…

So now Kangna has also issued a statement that Vikas tried to act fresh with her and physically come close to her. Since you were on the sets, did you at any point see any unprofessional behaviour?
No. I didn’t actually. I mean I haven’t seen him doing anything of this sort because I was handling Kangna’s costumes so I didn’t see any kind of these things happening, not at all. And you that shows whole process is very different. Kangna and all would come on sets later on like you know early in the morning these guys would go and Vikas would also go at 6 O’ clock to set up everything on the sets. I would go with Kangna because I was handling her costumes and she would come later at the night and then we would shoot on the sets. So everyone was present there and nothing of that sort happened. I didn’t see anything of this sort. And you know I also want to just mention that I am such a good friend of Vikas and not only me my husband is also such a good friend of Vikas. So imagine such things, I mean he flirting and all are baseless rumours.

Vikas has completely gone into a shell so he is not speaking to anyone, he has not presented his side of the story so how do you look at this, and how do you think Vikas should be dealing with something like this?
Sorry, no comments on that.

Okay thank you very much. All the best

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