3 Good

Yamla Pagla Deewana

In promos, the makers said this film has Comedy, Drama, Action, Romance, and Emotion. Thankfully they were not lying. This film promises only one thing- come, enjoy and go. The Deols had done everything correctly. The film has too many subplots like the lost & found brothers game, the love story between Bobby and Kulraj, Then in Punjab with Anupam Kher and his team…too many!! Samir grabs whole first half to construct a premise and guess what the premise is silly instead of taking too much time. Once the premise is set, the second hour runs at brisk pace with too many jokes and making you smile. Among the Deols, it’s Bobby who leaves a lasting impression. Sunny is very good and does his part well. Dharmendra gets least scope but he makes his presence felt. Though the film belongs to Deols, casting Johnny Lever and Anupam Kher in film is the master-stroke. Kulraj is weak in acting, and fortunately she has only little to do. The music is fine though couple of songs is not up to the mark. There are too many songs which affects the flow. The first hour is at best average, and it should have been done with trimming by 10-15 minutes. But second hour is sheer entertaining, especially the climax which is the funniest part of the film. The action is typical Sunny Deol style and so you enjoy it more, because it has comic-effect action. The gags may be not of any standards, but they make you laugh, though some are blank gags. The weakest part is the emotions which director brings out with no proper flow. Emotional scenes are followed by funny moments or vice-versa and so the emotions get superficial at places. The romantic track also doesn’t stay right on slot because you cannot imagine any chemistry between Bobby and Kulraj. But all in all, if you lower your expectations you will enjoy even more, entertainment guaranteed anyhow!

Review: 3/5