3.5 Very Good

Yamla Pagla Deewana

Human beings are so unpredictable and it is almost impossible to understand this dynamic specie. Though it did not involve any of my own intentions and no one asked me about my inclination, but somehow I was selected to be a part of this specie. And just like all the others of my kind, I find it extremely difficult to understand my own self. I love movies which contain messages in them; I love movies which require brains to decipher and I love movies which offer something new. This is quite understandable, isn’t it?
What confuses me actually is the fact that there are times when I just fall in love with certain movies which do not qualify on any of the above mentioned parameters. It just baffles me when I find myself loving some movie which is totally against intellectual requirements; which doesn’t pass on any certain message and which does not have anything at all to offer which is new. I have just had another such experience; the experience of watching and subsequently falling in love with “Yamla Pagla Deewana”.
Honestly speaking; apart from Sunny, I have never been a real fan of any of the Deols; but this latest family bonanza of theirs has shifted my focus altogether. The legend of Dharmendra gels with Sunny’s passion and Bobby’s mischief. And boy do all of them gel together brilliantly or what. It was such a treat to watch all three of them performing together in such light-hearted roles.
Coming back to the experience of watching YPD, now when I think of it, following were a few of the reasons which made me fall in love with it…
• As mentioned above, the chemistry between the Deols is absolutely outstanding. Together, they cast a pleasant and soothing spell on the viewer. The chemistry is so endearing that one doesn’t find it difficult to forgive a few certain flaws in the movie.
• The second half is simply outstanding. The pace is perfect and the jokes hit just the right places and there is not a single dull moment after the break.
• The whole film oozes with freshness. Each and every frame is pleasing to the eyes. The colors are vibrant, yet have a soothing impact. Cinematography is just superb.
• The entertainment quotient is very high and is rightfully restrained. It is rare these days to watch a comic entertainer which doesn’t go over the top, and YPD deserves applause for remaining well inside the reasonable limits.
• In addition to the brilliant performances of the Deols, it is Anupam Kher’s immaculate body language and perfect diction which is beautifully funny. Anupam doesn’t try too hard, yet causes a continuous smile on the viewer’s lips. It has been quite some time since we have seen him in a comic role this good. Especially in the scene where he is hanging with Bobby … I am still smiling while remembering his expressions.
• The critics and the public have not given much praise to the music (apart from a couple of songs). But I liked almost all the songs on the screen. Maybe it was the brilliant choreography or the vibrant cinematography. But whatever it was, I really went under a spell while watching the title track, “Charha Dey Rang” and “Sau Baar”. Especially “Charha Dey Rang” was too good.
• It is one of those rare entertainers which doesn’t get vulgar or obscene in attempts of being funny.
• Comparing it with his earlier works, Samir Karnik has developed a lot as a director. Though there is still sufficient room for improvement, yet this is his best work till date.
There are anyhow, just a couple of things which could’ve made it even a more pleasing experience.
• Though I didn’t dislike it at all, but the first half was weak (in parts though) and the pace seemed dragging at several occasions. Especially the scene where Kulraj is telling story of Mirza Sahibaa, becomes a bit stretched. A bit of scissor-work could’ve enhanced the effectiveness.
• Although I loved the fact that the film beautifully presents a very old story in a charming new package, yet as I noticed in the cinema, this might displease a few people who mainly seek novelty in each film.
As for the cast members other than the Deols and Anupam Kher, following three deserve mention…
• Kulraj Randhawa looks extremely cute and as for her first assignment, she worked quite decentl. She needs some good directors to pick her up, otherwise she might turn out to be another Bhumika Chawla.
• Sucheta Khanna, in the role of Pollee, is superb. Her spontaneity is endearing
• Mukul Dev (as Billa) is hilarious. He is just too good in each and every scene and is supported with some hilariously scripted situations. He is magnificent in the scenes where he catches Bobby and Kulraj running from home.
Overall, “Yamla Pagla Deewana” is the one decent entertainer I have been waiting for a long long time. It is not path breaking or anything even close and has nothing new to offer. But what it DOES have to offer is so sufficient that one doesn’t even notice the flaws.
In the end, after analyzing it in my mind, I find an answer for my dilemma regarding understanding myself and my behavioral spurts of liking such movies. The answer is that it is the simplicity of these movies that is received warmly by my heart and my brain (thankfully) doesn’t feel offended by my heart’s contentment.
At the BO, this will and should be a grand success. Recommended for having some easy entertainment, drenched in freshness. If for nothing else, watch it for the Deols and their amazing chemistry.