4.5 Excellent

What’s Your Raashee?

Very good movie.

The first 30 mins is a bit too slow, but get past that until the first pryanka rashee arrives then you will have a blast.

Yes their are very slow moments in the movie where it drags along as unwanted situations unfold like some of the boring characters that I dont want to spoil for people who havent yet seen it.

The one thing I want to say is that Pryanka Chopra you have done a fantastic job and are absolutely magnificantly fantastic!
Like last years awards for Fashion, I dont see any reason why you should not sweep the awards again this year no matter if this movie works at the BO or not.

Even Harman is superb here, I have seen all his movies but by far he was much better in this movie. I think people should stop judging him by media comments and other peoples opinions, go and see him yourself in a film then judge. I can guarantee that more then 70% people here who have posted a bad review have never even seen any of his movies yet they write bad comments about him! Give him a chance!

Ashatosh Gowarika could have used a better editor for this movie as yes it does drag along at some points but its definitely worth a watch as the movie is very interesting and fun to watch.

Last thing I must say is that PYRANKA CHOPRA rulesss!!! She is the one and only superb actress in bollywood at this time. She kills all competition.