3 Good

What’s Your Raashee?

Whats your raashee is ashutosh gowariker fourth film after lagaan,swades and jodhaa-akbar.all three films are enthralling cinema.and the same is expected by whats your raashee.the concept is amazing and sounds very interesting on paper.the story is something new and not tried and tested.
but its teh screenplay which fails here.not totally but in most places it fails to hook your attention.the first half is good and entertaining.
but the second half becomes too lengthy and dull.
the scenes just becomes things moving with no soul
the climax is just not convincing.few tracks are left half-baked.dialouges are okay.bckround score is decent.music is good.cinematography is alright.
this is ashutosh's weakest work so far.after delivering such fantastic movies,this time he fails not completely but partially.his direction is average.harman baweja acts quite well.he has grown as an actor since love story 2050.but the show comletely belongs to Priyanka Chopra.the actor is asheer delight to watch in each and every frame.at point film is just watchable because of priyanka.her each and every role is superb.darshan jariwala is good.anjan shrivastava is natural.manju singh is decent.yuri suri is okay
dilip joshi is comical and provides some light moments.overall,WHATS YOUR RAASHEE? is an average effort with good first half but plain second half and knockout performance of PRIYANKA CHOPRA.