1.5 Average


Well i always thought Taran was biased.. and this just proves me right. This movie was rediculous, it's the kind of movie you would never be able to watch again. It was way too over the top and just braincell killing. Ok, now people are probably going to get mad, but the truth is that the best thing about this movie was definately NOT Katrina Kaif or Akshay; it was the Nana-Anil pairing and ofcourse the M.A.N love triangle (Mallika, Anil and Nana). I really thought the jokes (if that's wht u call them) were repetitive and not entertaining. Akshay was alright, but after watching Bhool Bhulaiya and Namastey London I had really high expectations, which seriously crashed. I have no personal problems with Katrina Kaif but she cannot lip sing, she cannot dance and she cannot emote so well, so I didn't expect anyting from her. Surprisingly, Mallika was good and she looked great! Feroz Khan, *sigh*, this man needs to learn that he's old and that talking really slowly and making signs as if he's talking to a deaf person will not make him look good. Paresh and the rest were great. The performances that really stood out were Nana and Anil's.