0.5 Poor


Excellent chance but gone worse, this one to be precise is my favourite movie in Telugu so was the reason that i got attracted to this shit. Acting is worse even C grade actor does better than this. To all people who are not familiar to the fact, this one is exact copy just exact xerox of telugu movie Pokkiri which was done brilliantly by Mahesh Babu, even dialogues underwent litral translation which shows pathetic sign of Bollywood. Salman tried a lot to be like Mahesh Babu but was not at all tolerable. I wasted my 150 bucks for this and was just in theater for the suspense(movie suspense) to unfold in hope that atleast after this the movie could be good but it was my foolishness to have expectations from Salman. Final Destination could have been better, I WISH MY FINAL DESTINATION HAD HIT ME BEFORE WATCHING WANTED, OR I WISH THERE HAD BEEN A MISS FIRING TO HIT ME WHILE GOING TO THIS CRAP. NOT AT ALL TOLERABLE. I WANT MY 3 HOURS BACK, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE I WISH TO GET MY THREE HOURS BACK..