3.5 Very Good



I went into this movie with absolutely 0 expectations because I don't like Shahid Kapoor much, I don't LOVE the music, and it looked like a stale boring flick from the promos. But I was pleasantly surprised. After a LONG time I've seen a pure family entertainer. It has EVERY characteristic of a family movie; an orphan raised by her uncle, a loving babhi, loving uncles, cliches etc. etc....its god all of it! But it has a certain charm and you actually end up liking the movie after you watch it. I think the first half got a bit too long it needed to be trimmed a bit, maybe a song or something. But it's a decent movie and if you like family entertainers, check it out. Amrita Rao was great in a role that fits her to the T. Its not like it was a difficult role or anything, but I do believe that these traditional girl-next-door roles are perfect for her. For the first time I liked Shahid Kapoor's performance! He didn't go overboard like usual. Alok Nath is awesome like usual. Seema Biswas is brilliant as well, she can do any role! Anupam Kher also good (much better than JEM!).

Anyway, if you like family movies, go see VIVAH. You will be pleasantly surprised.