5 Excellent


VICTORY ALL THE WAY. 5 STARS for the album
2 guys who wrote its review are a bunch of losers if they think this album is not FANTASTIC. I and all my friends in US think this is anu mallik best album till date. In US in the asian clubs Balla uttha and Money money are already a rage and my cousin tells me the album's already a monster hit in UK. Balla uttha is the best sports theme song ever from a bollywood movie (Daler u rock) & i also love kailash kher's, we luv kirket song. All the songs except maybe the mazaa aa gaya song are fantastic and i think its a better album than ghajini & rab ne & chandni chowk. FABULOUS JOB ANUJI, U are the best. Luvd the KK sad song, made me cry and the luv song tune re mooooooh, just luv it
I luvd the album and am sure that the movie will be a huge hit. Luv both amrita and harman.
P.S. Mr. critic if u think ghajini deserver 4 star then Victory should be a def 5