4.5 Excellent


I LUVD THE ALBUM. FANTABULOUS. Its rare that my folks and my younger bro and me loved something in common. I played the songs at my best friends party and the balla uttha song was played about 25 times at a go. Everyone was screaming balla uttha, even my white friends ithout understanding the lyrics. The love song Tune re was played at the end and the best thing about the song is that i cant get the tune out of my head. My ma and da both loved the aisa to socha naa thhi song, my mum said made her remember so much of the past. Its great when a song can move u & my dad also loved the mazaa aa gaya song though i think its just okkiie. Guess wats my bro's fav song, the Kirket song. He woke me up yesterday screamin, we luv kirket. He now wants to play cricket though he likes basketball more. Great album, great lyrics. i wud rate it 4.5 for sure.