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Victoria No. 203 Music Review


The way Victoria No. 203 is arriving at theaters is baffling to say the least. While on one hand there are films that make a lot of noise throughout their making with or without any credentials to boast of, on the other hand there is this film which is a remake of 70s namesake comic thriller but is virtually coming unannounced.

With its audio release happening barely 10 days before the film's release and an overall promotion too leaving a lot to be desired, one only tends to get apprehensive about what is in store from this Viju Shah composed soundtrack which incorporates two songs from the original flick. Well, as it turns out, one hardly remembers anything once the album is through.

A track composed in an out and out western mode, Victoria No. 203 is a surprise beginning to the album as it turns out to be a 100% English track written by Asif Ali Beg and crooned by Dominique. A theme number, it has a haunting feel to it with shades of theme music of (new) 'Don' also making it's presence felt at places. With a thumping feel to it, one is sure that this track would appear at multiple instances throughout the film's narration.

One wonders though why till date a promotional video hasn't been created with this tune since it had potential to bring the film in news. This track which also appears in one more version with another singer Annika may not the most mind-blowing theme track of 2007 but still is decent enough to go with the thrilling yet mysterious mood of the film.

Written by veteran Varma Malik, the superhit track from the 70s, 'Do Bechare' is recreated by Viju Shah with Amit Kumar and Udit Narayan in tow. There are backup vocals along with rap which have been incorporated in the new age version to appeal to the newer generation but somehow the overall effect isn't the kind that would make audience get bowled over by the song.

Probably even a weak choreography is the reason why one doesn't feel the kind of energy as one would have expected with Anupam Kher and Om Puri on the frame. On the whole, 'Do Bechare' turns out to be just an average outing.

Chandrashekhar Raajit, who had earlier paired up with Viju Shah to create a club track 'Fitna Dil' [Shikhar], is back with 'Deedani' which could perhaps be termed as one of the Top-10 boring tracks of the year so far. A listless composition which belies the composer which Viju Shah was once in the 90s, 'Deedani' just doesn't impress at all in spite of being based on melody! With a slight classical feel to it, 'Deedani' tries to be a romantic number but neither Shaan nor Shreya Ghoshal are able to do much to make you give the song a second hearing.

Indiwar written 'Thoda Thehro' from the 70s soundtrack is recreated for Jimmy and Sonia with Shreya Ghoshal coming behind the mike. A two minute long preface to the song is decent with some vintage orchestra by Viju Shah coming into play. A song of seduction, it does have 70s written all over it though one doesn't mind it too much due to a soothing flavor of the song. One also can't help but notice some of the most enticing words that Indiwar had written for this sensual track.

A club feel followed by 'dhol' beats mark the arrival of Zubin Garg's 'Zindagi Aa Gayi'. Sadly, the prelude turns out to be the only decent part about the song since the moment actual song begins; it turns out to be a lukewarm affair all the way. Boring yet again, one wonders if there was anything alluring about this oh-so-typical-and-basic tune which could have been composed by just about everyone and anyone behind a key board. Yet another Chandrashekhar Raajit written number that fails to hold your attention, 'Zindagi' is ironically lifeless.

One isn't much disappointed once the soundtrack of Victoria No. 203 gets over since there weren't any expectations to begin with. There is not a single track that one takes home after hearing the album as Viju Shah continues his disappointing streak of last few years. Anath Mahadevan till date had always boasted of a decent to good soundtrack from his films like Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar, Dil Maange More, Aksar and Aggar. Well, the music of Victoria No. 203 will certainly be his first setback.

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