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U Me Aur Hum

U me aur Hum
This is a film which mark a comeback of a couple : Ajay Devgan and Kajol. Secondly : its Ajay Devgan Directorial venture. Is it a great film? As we expect much from Kajol who ever seen in a great roles. As for Ajay, both as an actor or director, its nice curiocity to watch out for.
First the story : Its the story of Ajay(a psychitrist) and Piya (a waitress) whose meet on cruise. Ajay is on cruise with his friends who are happily un-married and unhappily married. The love story begins on fake, as Ajay wonder to impress Piya. They fall in love. Before the intermission, they even got married and live happily. The second half begins with Piya, who is suffering from Alzimar. She forget things... her live, and even herself. And how Ajay and Piya fight for their love, that's the story. While the first half is full of joyful moment, the second half got a bit emotional. Its very complicating to direct for each scene in second half. After the songs phatte, its just complicating and boring.
The story is simply told, the screenplay is remarquable. Seeing the cruise, we can love the sceneary thanks to its cameramen. The angle on the song Jee Le is very impressive. The Chreography is top-noch. Jee le is the best song to watch out for while, U me aur hum touch your heart.
Ajay Devgan as an actor give one of his best performances in his carreer. He fit well in the role. As the director, he's excellent. He establishd himself very well. But the showstealer is Kajol. She does it again. After DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, K3G, Fanaa and now U me aur hum, she proves to be the best drama queen. In fact, that because of her that second half work even its bored. If not, its will be very boring. The Ajay friends are good as Divya Datta impress the most.
In short, U me aur Hum is worth to see. Its carries a great story, great performances, and a little bit over-emotional moments in second half which make you bored.