4.5 Excellent

Tum Mile

Tum Mile is probably one of the most awaited music albums to be releasd this year!! The amazing Bhaat-Emraan-Pritam jodi is together for the first time since Jannat last year, an album itself which was filled with chartbusters. Will they be able to deliver this time around?? One look at the track list and the names behind the mike, and one is tempted to give a resounding YES!!
First thing first the title track Tum Mile comes in three versions. The original is crooned by the chartbuster guru himself Neeraj Sridhar, and he doesn't dissapoint. It may not have the hip-hop beats of Bhool Bhullaiya or Aai Paapi, but it is definitely a winner. The music is well arranged for a soft discotheque mood, however the song is a love song at heart. The chorus will undoubtedly be recited countless number of times after first hearing of the song, it is simply that addictive!! If that wasn't enough, Shafqat Amanat Ali brings an entirely different mood in the Rock version, which is also a hit in the making, especially if there is a music video with Emran Haschmi in it. The Rock version does not go over the top, but is just right and does not alter the soul of the original. Another impressive back up to Tum Mile is the Love Reprise version which has none other than Javed Ali behind it. The song is okay and does not stray far from the original either but still has a unique quality courtesy of Javed's impressive vocals.

Just listening to ten seconds of Dil Ibaadat and one would have to guess that its another Pritam-KK hit on the cards. You wouldn't be mistaken as it is simply a beautifully composed deep melody. Added to that Mr. versatile KK is simply at his best!! Emraan and KK have had so many hits together this is another hit in the making. Again like the title track its completely soulful at heart but the musical compositions just take it to another level. Picturised well the song could be another winner. There is also a Rock version which is only slightly different, but still just as likeable as the original. Pritam's forte has been the rock genre, and fans of the Life in a Metro.... genre would happily accept the rock version too.

Iss Jahaan Mein is a nice, fun Pritam-styled rock composition. Mohit Chauhan fans will be glad to hear him in a completely different mood especially as his last few songs were in a similar slow love song mood. This piece highlights how versatile Mohit Chauhan is and other composers should take note of it. The song has a very nice chorus bit and the digitized sounds are well mixed in and do not go over the top, as is the temptation in many songs these days. Pritam delivers another very nice track and Mohit croons very nicely.

O Meri Jaan is again a Pritam-KK track, and looking at previous collaborations between the two one would be forgiven in expecting another well arranged composition. Just like the Dil Ibaadat Rock Version, this too has the Pritam rock style which he has clearly mastered. Again a beautifully composed track which will only go further with good picturisation, it is sad and soulful at heart and an instant winner. It must also be admitted, any other singer other than KK would not do justice to the song like the way he has. It is simply unbelievable how versatile he is, he just simply takes the song to another level.

Last, but definitely not least, Tu Hi Haqeeqat, a typical Pritam love song with one word written all over it. HIT!!!! One listen and you will be hooked! Again it is Javed Ali at the helm of affairs and he does not dissapoint. A very nice song, the tunes and beats all Pritam-like and the chorus is written sufi style and only accentuates the effect of the song. Javed Ali, of Guzarish and Jashn-e-bahara fame, does very well and one feel his voice suits this genre very well. Another definite winner, this one is simply cannot be missed.

There is also a very nice instrumental piece set in the mood of the film.

Again the Bhaat-Emraan-Pritam Jodi is almost flawless and delivers one of the finest albums of the yaar. Miss it at your own risk!!

Must listen to: Dil Ibaadat, Tum Mile, Tum Mile Rock, Tu Hi Haqeeqat, O Meri Jaan