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Thodi Life Thoda Magic Movie Review

Thodi Life Thoda Magic Movie Rating

Cinema is usually classified as commercial and artistic, but a genre that hasn't been attempted in India as yet is absurd cinema. Absurd cinema basically depicts a writer's confused and lost state of mind, trying to make a meaningful point. THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC is one of those films.

The makers' intentions may be right, but it's important to make it in a way that the audience understands as well. Here, an aam aadmi would be scratching his head for the next 2 hours, struggling to decipher exactly what he saw.

The film tells the story of a man who affects the life of anyone he meets and changes it completely - MK [Jackie Shroff]. One day, he's found by a TV writer, Naina [Meera Vasudevan], who is trying to find something unique to make a difference along with her producer Siddharth [Saahil Chadha].

The owner of that company Aditya [Parmeet Sethi] and the channel owner Roshan [Arbaaz Khan] are ambitious men, who would create anything to make a success of themselves.

Thus, they drag a simple idealistic MK to be the host of their ambitious show, since he has the charisma to drag attention and ability to affect people's lives. The rest of the story revolves around how Naina and Siddharth are determined to live up to their morals.

The writing is the main culprit here. Clearly, the director [Aanand Rai] does not seem to know what he wants, the writer has put in a 2-minute vague idea, and this results in a wandering, meaningless screenplay.

Forceful songs [one where Saahil Chadha falls in love], link-less scenes, snail's pace, rough-edged editing and confused character definition make THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC a complete no show.

The film is also embellished with mediocre performances by Jackie Shroff [pick of the lot], Saahil Chadha [bland], Meera Vasudevan [okay], Arbaaz Khan [unexciting] and Parmeet Sethi [restricted].

On the whole, THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC is a dull fare with nothing to offer. Low-key promotion and lack of star power will make the film go unnoticed.

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thodi life thodi magic is an dull movie.its storyline has nothing to offer.its screenplay has no…

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