4 Very Good

The Dirty Picture

the dirty picture is a new page in bollywood cinema.very different.it reminds you of Fashion in fact i think if the movie would have been directed by Madhur Bhandarkar it would have been slightly better.Milan Luthria did a nice job but as always his direction is not that powerful in fact in first half i thought that he could have done better but he didn't do justice Vidya's character properly in first half.Vidya could have done a much much better job if directed properly.direction was strictly above average.rest all the things in the film were perfect.be it sets,costumes,even small things like telephone were perfect.Milan did bring the feel of 80's in this film.his research was very good.Vidya was brilliant.in some scenes she was just outstanding.at some places you do get goose bums when you see her.Naseeruddin was also very good as usual.Emraan was bit different still very good.Tusshar had short role compared to other actors he did a good job.music was very good.overall a good film.a film not to be missed.recommended.