0.5 Poor

Tees Maar Khan

Today was the First Show of TMK in London. I went to see it with couple of other friends and regret to say that its the worst movie of 2010.
Whole year We been waiting to see at least one nice movie and had such a hopes from Farah Khan, Akshay and Katrina but its total disaster.
I was humiliated in front of my foreign friends for taking them to such timewaster.
Did Farah Khan really saw the screening of the movie before release and if she did what makes her think that she should release this movie?

All the great actors are wasted in this movie.But they all have proved that all they care about is money and not acting.

Following points to be noted :
1. No Story
2. No huge sets
3. No nice songs except title song and sheila ki jawani.
3. All actors are wasted.
4. Akshay has nothing to prove as TMK. Like no action no acting no big stunts. Just a man who escape from jain and doesnt even show how he does it.
5. The treasure of 500 crore is not even showed once to believe it.
6. There is no villan in movie the two twins are wasted on the name of villan coz they no were looks like the owner of 500 crore worth asset or even capable of handling it.
7. The task of stealing 500 crore is give to TMK (Akshay Kumar) who himslef is not shown capable of anything. The guy cutting vegitable in his home cant be shown dashing or capable of handing such a huge task its so unrealistic.
8. Katrina is total wasted. Lots of overacting. Sorry there is no acting. She just comes on screen to say one thing oh I have to put more make-up.
9. All other actors are really wasted like akshay khanna God know why is he even there... other tv serials actors. Some of them are really doing good role on TV but hope this doesnt ruins there image.
10. Farah Khan need a crash course on making movie. Unless she admits that all she cares about is money and not entertainment.

I personally want refund of my 8 pounds from her if possible. I lost my state of mind after watching this movie. Had such a huge expectation from farah, akshay and kartina but after seeing it I am angry, frustated and much more.
I hate it to write bad coz I am huge fan of Akshay khanna, Kartina, Farah Khan, viju Khote, Akshay Khanna, Anil Kapoor and rest.