3.5 Very Good

Tees Maar Khan


Can you make a wild guess that which film was most expected this year as well in music? The Answer is “TEES MAAR KHAN” and if you ask the reason, that is - “Farah Khan-Vishal-Shekhar” Trio. Om SHANTI OM was the blockbuster of all time and the same in music. 'Dard-E-Disco', 'Ajab Si' were the masterpieces of their time. So anyone would expect awesome compositions from TEES MAAR KHAN. And anyway, the production house has already created havoc propaganda for the music of the film. They are still claiming “SHEILA KI JAWANI” the item song of the year, two greatest enemies in the song “WALLAH RE WALLAH” & they have already telecast-ed the title track and we have also loved it.


You will hear the most strange voice making the introduction of the song. Then side vocals arrive saying “Abhi Abhi Mili Khabar Ke Anusaar...”. Then the man Sonu Nigam starts to sing the most 'Crooky' song of the year “TEES MAAR KHAN”. Picturised on the full cast of the movie, the title track is impressive enough to top the charts soon. A damn confident dialog in vocal of Akshay Kumar himself adds charm to the song. Then unnecassary “Mai Baap” type of screams arrive & from then, the charm stars to lose and slowly, the song begins to change track and at last with some dhols, trumpets and “Tees Maar Khan” screams playing in the background, the song finally comes to an end. The most best part of the song was the theme music playing in the background which reminds us of some 70's or 80's movies that were based on robbery and criminals. Allover, a title track can't be better than this.

Remember Chhaliya? The heroine in mini dresses flaunting to raise your temperature. The introduction by a Harmonium already starts to groove you to the rhythm and later, drums and thumps unitedly will make you sweep you off your feat. This most-promised, various times claimed as the best item song of the season can't make you sit still in your chair. One of the most groovy item numbers of all time, “SHEILA KI JAWANI” is sure to create a sensation in no time. Superly sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, the song impresses you by the passion, maturity & temptation within it. Timely vocals(mostly Qawali) by Vishal Dadlani also create a great appeal. As a furious feminine track, this one's gonna stay and gonna stay for a long period and believe me, This Song's “Too Sexy For You”.

Rocking Qawali is nothing new today. But the sensations gonna arrive when Salman 'DABANGG' Khan, Katrina 'SHEILA' Kaif & Akshay 'Tees Maar Khan' Kumar come together to shake you heads by Qawali. If you deduct extra beat, then “WALLAH RE WALLAH” is totally a Qawali that has every sign to be a authentic one. Some artificiality has been added by the composer thinking about the listeners but they didn't need to do that. Some not-so-shiny voices like Kamal Khan, Shekhar Ravijani, Raja Hassan along with Shreya Ghoshal set the floor on fire this time unitedly. You are sure gonna see some college gores shaking their booty to this song competing with the stars on-screen. You have to come to the decision that Vishal-Shekhar delivers variety with quality.

Make way for the fourth track of the album which is entitled “BADE DILWALA” and is sung by Sukhwinder Singh along with Shreya Ghoshal. We Have heard this particular theme based song previously which is none other than “HUD HUD DABANGG”. But this one does not make such an appeal. The song does make a good effort by different & fresh lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan but loses tempo as it follows. Allover, this heroic number's a decent listen.

Make way for the whole team of vocalist coming from Television. Prajakta Shukre, obtained 4th place in Indian Idol Season 1(Sony); Abhijeet Sawant, Winner of Indian Idol Season 1(Sony); Harshit Saxena, Runner-up of Amul Star Voice Of India(Star Plus) & Debojit, Winner Of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005(Zee TV) – these four most-talented champs come together for the final track of the album “HAPPY ENDING”. Recently, we have listened “Apna Har Din” from Golmaal 3 which one was almost same like “Happy Ending”. A Free-spirited, happily lyricised by Anivita Dutt & sportingly composed by Vishal-Shekhar, “Happy Ending” surely makes an happy ending for this gonna-be-a-superhit music album.


TEES MAAR KHAN is the specific type of album which consists versatile type of tracks. Where you shake your booty with tracks like “SHEILA KI JAWANI”, “WALLAH RE WALLAH”, you can nod your heads with “HAPPY ENDING” and sing along the “TEES MAAR KHAN” way. With such reputation, expectations & big-budget, the music is appropriate and respectable, but one or two tracks more would have been more sufficient or we should say satisfying. Even with a bit displeased heart, every listener will move their body to the numbers. TEES MAAR KHAN is completely unemotional and fun-loving album in every means that doesn't have a single boring second to make you yawn. So, start pleasing yourselves by listening to the groovy songs of this big-budgeted, most-expected & most-promising movie that is to make arrival at the final moment of this year.


Tees Maar Khan, Sheila Ki Jawani, Wallah Re Wallah