4 Very Good

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Movie starts off with hilarious dialogs. Till the intermission, you just can't stop laughing, all thanks to Kangana's superb acting and Deepak's unbelievable comic timing.

It's not like any other movie sequels where they change the personality and behaviour of the character just to create more fun.

Music of the film is outstanding. You just can't stop repeating the song in your mind once you listen to it. #bano-tera-swagger

On post-movie thoughts, logic for climax seems to be off the track. But awesome performances by all the actors especially Kangana and Deepak makes you forget any illogical things in the movie. Yet again Kangana will surely be getting her National Award again.

If this movie can't win the best film award then surely awards are paid rather than earned by the Khans.

Just stop reading any more reviews and go to theaters to watch and enjoy or later regret for not watching the best movie of 2015.