4.5 Excellent


Watched Talvaar today.
A movie impeccable in all aspects be it acting, script or direction
Overall A movie which deserves a hearty status.
Moreover it bespeaks of the reality of the efficiency of the police department of INDIA. How the crime is scene is totally compromised as the evidence is let loose with no constant vigilance. It showcases the idiocy and illiteracy of the police department as well as the illogical thinking and inefficient reasoning of the special investigation forces It shows how the instigators of such horrific crime are let free even when substantial proof exists.
It highlights the corruption and shows how humanity is shadowed for the sake of becoming more *successful* in their post as Irrfan Khan who successfully cracks the case but is deceived by his colleague who is an opportunist and takes away his post.
Finally the movie ends on a disturbing note and reinforces remorse and sympathy for the innocent parents of a beautiful young girl who never reached her 15th year.
Sach kehte hai log, insaaf ke talvaar par zang lag gayi hai aur isse mitane ka koi zariya ab nazar nahi aata.
Watch this movie guys for these movies don't last long in the movie halls for movies like SINGH IS BLING replace them.