3 Good


After watching Talvar, one immediately realizes the incompetence of local police and the long strides our law enforcement has to make to keep pace with the developments in society. As one of the key character remarks that if the initial investigation was more proper and thorough then it would have been a easy case to solve.

Presenting a sympathetic angle to the parents of the murdered child, the movie tries to portray them as innocent victims of a callous and irresponsible system, a system where the sword (talvar) of the statue of justice has been rusting since past 60 years. Covering all the twists the case has taken over the years, it dutifully follows the story scripted by the media but does not add anything more to it.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of viewpoint of parents specially the mother in all this drama. She is there as a silent witness completely emotionless and inert. Her emotional turmoil is not covered in depth. Is justice more importance than preserving her memory? The adulterous angle is also briefly touched but not explored in depth.

On seeing their daughter dead on the bed the mother immediately accuses the servant of murdering their daughter. why? what makes her so sure he did it. that angle is also not explored in depth.

Acting of all actors is brilliant and Irrfan shines as usual. All support cast has lent a helping hand. All and all a good watch. But like a nice smelling dish you feel there is some ingredient missing.