3.5 Very Good


A movie stands on four pillars in my understanding - Storyline Cast Direction Performance

The storyline of Talvar is woven excellently. It portrays the Aarushi Murder Case and related facts in such an impacting manner that every bit of the movie is engrossing and intense. You need to pay attention to every stream of the reel. The intensity that is built quite early in the story stays intact after interval too. The ending is not at all abrupt. It goes with a number of intriguing questions that keep floating in mind even after leaving the theater. The story gets absorbed in your mind and heart and unknowingly or even if unwillingly it travels with you, stays with you and keeps haunting you and probing you with many questions. What if? Why that? How could it be? are the few questions that keep floating in your mind. It has been well written by Vishal Bhardwaj and the similar credit for screenplay too goes to Vishal. The movie runs for a little less than 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The cast has been well chosen and what I feel is that these days there is some scientific mechanism behind the cast selection. Irrfan Khan as Ashwin - a CBI investigating officer. Tabu as Reema is Ashwin's wife and this time I would give her full credit for playing her role well. Ayesha Praveen playing the role of Shruti (based on Aarushi) had little to do but still in her short stint she impressed well. Neeraj Kabi as Shruti's father (based on Rajesh Talwar in the real incident of 2008 Aarushi Talwar's murder) resembled Rajesh Talwar and justified his role by playing it quite perfectly. Konkona Sen Sharma has played the role of Shruti's mother and she too did well. Some new faces like Sohum Shah, Gajraj Rao, and Atul Kumar were able to put substantial impact in the story through their role. It is Irrfan who must get full scores for outperforming so magnificently. But that is his foray and he has mastered to outperform whatever role he is given in any kind of story. He fits well in intense stories.

The direction is by Meghna Gulzar and she must get full marks for creating such a great impact through her directorial skills.

Performance by each individual has been fantastic. It will be difficult to find out who has done less as even the bad roles have been played in such a good way and with perfection.

Overall the movie reflects how politics, media and judiciary can change directions of the justice. Finally, the blind justice symbol's unnoticed weapon has been highlighted but did justice finally win? You watch the movie and decide.

It is a must watch movie, quite serious, intense and intriguing with no excessive and non-digestible masala; and/or item numbers. Good to watch with friends and family.