3.5 Very Good


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"Talvar" is excellent in all 4 main sections of a movie. The Story, Screenplay, Direction and Acting. These sections are subtly supported by background score. This movie is based on real life story of the "Arushi Talwar" double murder case which brought instant shame to the police and CBI (Criminal Bureau of Investigation).

"Vishal Bharadwaj" has excellently written the screenplay of this movie. Full marks to him for converting this long, confusing and multi-angle case in just 2 hours of a movie. This being a true story, the challenge is on the writer to deliver a screenplay that will keep the audience engaged and Vishal does it really well.

The "Rashomon style" of story telling is excellent and keeps you engaged throughout. The screenplay is water-tight and shows all angles of the investigation as it happened. Each point of view is.... Continue reading on..