3 Good


Movie review: Talvar

-No Spoilers-

This is not a movie, it's REALITY in your face. How often we leave movie theater shaken from the core, head hanging in shame and heart full of anger. That's TALVAR for you. Lame judiciary and stupid insensitive Police department /CBI will leave your senses numb. This is most discussed legal case, yet the movie reveals many more intricate details of the double murder. Must watch for as astute moviegoer.

It excels in all departments. Acting, direction, screenplay and subtle background score enhances every frame of movie. Editing could have be a little more tighter but it doesn't hamper the overall effect. Superb execution of an emotionally filled case.

Gripping from the first frame till the last. It's a suspense thriller story told in a fascinating manner. It surely invokes senses of the watchers.

Watch it. There's hope for justice. Well done Meghna Gulzar. Thank you for making this movie.