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Taj Mahal – A Monument of Love Movie Review

Taj Mahal – A Monument of Love Movie Rating

Making a historical can be a cumbersome task. Besides the detailing that goes into such projects, the films ought to recreate the bygone era with utmost precision.

And if the film revolves around the eternal edifice of love � Taj Mahal � portraying the eternal love of Emperor Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal on celluloid can be a tough task.

Eastern Visions Canada and Robin Films International's TAJ MAHAL � A MONUMENT OF LOVE, scripted-directed by Robin Khosla, makes an effort to portray the facts in the most simplistic manner, but the film lacks the visual appeal, gloss and grandeur that is associated with an epic love story, as also the music that was the hallmark of the several films made on this story in the past.

TAJ MAHAL � A MONUMENT OF LOVE tells the story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal � their budding romance, the subsequent marriage, the ups and downs in their life and the demise of Mumtaz Mahal.

The film ends on a slightly incomplete note, by briefly hinting at the Aurangazeb episode and the demise of Emperor Shahjahan.

The story is narrated through the eyes of a visitor who does an extensive research on the subject and unravels the story behind the shrine of passionate love.

Although the story is narrated in the most simplistic manner for the common man to decipher, the film lacks the subtleties that the story demands. Though the narrative is interesting in parts, somehow the viewer doesn't get the feeling that he has seen an epic.

Also, the film lacks the lavish mounting that is so vital in a movie of this genre. Portions of the film have been shot outdoors [the locales are visually enticing], but the sets and settings are plain mediocre.

Director Robin Khosla has handled portions of the film with dexterity, but as a writer the film looks fragmentary. More footage [that what has been depicted] should've been devoted to the Aurangazeb episode and the final days of the Emperor. For, the end is not as satisfying as it should've been.

Raghu Raj [Khurram] does a decent job. Purnima [Arjuman] enacts her part with conviction. Moon Moon Sen [Noorjehan] is most convincing; the grey shades in her character coming to the fore by her effective portrayal. Kulbhushan Kharbanda [Jehangir] is alright.

On the whole, TAJ MAHAL - A MONUMENT OF LOVE is too ordinary a fare. At the box-office, the lack of publicity, hype and fanfare will only prove disadvantageous.

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