4.5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

If one wishes to sum up Amir Khan’s directorial debut in a word; the only one which comes to my mind is “Beautiful”! It’s a beautiful painting which has been put across on the 70 MM canvas of cinema… One which will not just touch our hearts but also change the way we look towards our kids. And it is here where the movie scores over some of the other emotional movies.. It preaches an important fact without being very preachy and helps us see life and kids from another perspective!

Amir Khan has done full justice to Amol Gupte’s powerful script. He has shown promise and sensitivity which will make him a director to look out for. But as the credits mention, this movie is all about Darsheel Safary, who is the star of the movie ahead of Amir! The kid has projected a diaspora of emotions with such ease that even after leaving the theatres his image is imprinted at the minds of cinegoers never to leave its mark. This performance will make you think if the kid was actually “Acting”! Shankar Ehsan’s music may not be chartbuster, but simply gels with the movie and compliments story telling to the core. If Darsheel is the life of the movie and script is its soul; it is the music, lyrics and background which provide a superlative body to the beautiful life & soul.. Cinematography is simple but impressive. The rest cast is equally effective and Tisca Chopra as the mother needs special mention for her performance. Though the movie is a path-breaking effort to project kids psychology and their handling from the parents; few areas could have been worked on. Sluggish pace in the second half does take away some impact from it and audience can surely complain for the need of more entertaining moments!

If Amir Khan the "Star" has given face value to this movie of a lifetime, it is Darsheel the "Star" who will make you remember it for a lifetime! But for Amir the "Director", though he may surely have better money spinners in the future; it will be difficult for him to better this with respect to the content. Commercially, its bound to do well amongst the classes as there is no masala in it to spice up the Box office at B and C grade centres. Even if you are not an MF Hussain, you cant afford to miss this 2 ½ hour painting; which will bring alive frames of your own childhood and help you identify better with your children’s dreams,needs and emotions! "Beautiful" it is...