2.5 Good

Taare Zameen Par

TZP is a good movie. Darsheel has done a good job. But It's been so hyped that it lost its charm. It is a movie that can be watched one time but it doesn't have a repeat value. It is dragging at parts and is very preachy at times. It is one of the most exaggerated films of this year. It is completely unfair to compare the child artist's action to a matured performance of Shah Rukh Khan. This shows the immaturity of the people who are writing their reviews here. The boy deserves an award but not in comparison with SRK's performance in CHAK DE. SHAH RUKH's performance in CHAK DE is mind blowing. This kind of comparison puts a lot of pressure on the child. On one hand you are saying that we shouldn't put pressure on children and by making all these comparisons/recommendations you guys are putting unnecessary pressure on the child. This kind of comparison, in my opinion is unfair and uncalled for. Please stop exaggerating things.