4.5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par


‘Impossible is nothing’- is one of the several messages that Taare Zameen Par delivers to the audience. All that is needed is understanding, compassion, dedication and a’ little help from my friends’.
The movie revolves around an 8 year old boy Ishaan Awasthi ( Darsheel Safary- whose superlative acting deserves special praise), who is more artistically inclined than being involved in the three basic R’s of Reading. ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Aamir, in his directorial debut, has gone to immense pains to depict the minutiae of Ishaan’s world and to examine every single detail of the child’s thought pattern and his relationship with his teachers and parents. Fed up with his disability of being unable to cope with his incomprehension of the three R’s, Ishaan’s parents pack him off to boarding school to discipline him, where once again the teachers fail to realize his challenges and his schoolmates ridicule him except for one, a physically challenged boy but extremely good at studies, who becomes his best friend.
A substitute art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) dressed as a pixie and playing the flute bursts onto the scene at the boarding school entertaining the students with the song “Bum Bum Bhole” choreographed by the colossus Shiamak Davar. This non-conformist teacher, who calls all his students “doston” (friends), quickly diagnoses Ishaan’s deficiency and with kindness, patience and perseverance helps him overcome his disabilities, concentrate on his strengths, and bring out the best in him. The final moments of the movie devoted to manifesting how the child regains his confidence is extremely compelling and highly emotional.
How the movie illustrates the remarkable mother –son bonding, the strict father-son relationship, and the adulation Ishaan feels for his elder brother, Dada, who excels in his studies, is all very masterfully done. The movie will have teachers, parents and children drawing parallels from their own lives. Aamir Khan has brought out the best from all the actors in the film, but what is noteworthy is the exemplary performance from Darsheel, whose look alone speaks a thousand words. Aamir, who is producer, director and also acts in this movie, has definitely carved himself a special niche in the annals of Indian cinema with this heart wrenching and emotional movie on a very socially relevant issue.
This entertaining, enlightening and penetrating non–conventional chef d’oeuvre is a must see for all parents, teachers and students the world over!