5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

I have been browsing Indiafm for 5/6 years but today I registered to write something about TZP. I don't have that courage to comments on such a great creation like TZP, though I want to write down something. I used to read and listen from newspaper, TV and from other source that Aamir Khan is a perfectionist. I also believe that he is. But after watching TZP I can realize the true essence of Perfectioninst.

What a movie ? What an Extra ordinary Performance by the Kid ? What a brilliant shots that had been taken in this movie ?

At the most of the ppl can manage to hold their tears.

Aamir Khan just dig out the best of Master Darsheel. This wonder kid beat Mc Kalkin of Home Alone. Just think about it,A 8 years old kid driving the whole movie by himself. In other word He has been given all the responsibility of the film and other character including Aamir is just making the links to carry on. I lost my word.

Hats off to Master Darsheel and Aamir Khan.