3.5 Very Good

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par is a movie about a child (Ishaan Awasthi) who is supposedly bad in studies, is naughty, doesnt listen, lives in his own world. He has a very normal family though - hard working dad, dedicated mom, loving and intelligent brother. He is always teased by his peers and he gets into fights with them, and with his teachers. Out of all this, his dad moves him into a boarding school. The story continues wherein ishaan's situation turns more worse in the boarding school. But then something good happens - aamir khan (new art teacher) comes to his class, and notices his dismal state. But amir analyzes him and finds that he is dyslexic. He works on him, makes his parents realize how they were wrong. and then finally succeeds in getting a winner out of this child !! Makes us realize how proper care/training and understanding attitude can convert a so call looser child into a winner .

The movie is centered around the kid- Ishaan - in fact amir makes an appearance at interval only. All of them have acted pretty well in the movie - kid is great, aamir in his usual great.

I must warn its a little senti movie - the kid is harrassed in 80% of the movie :) ! . This is not a usual bollywood stuff - a commendable feat for the first time director aamir.