0.5 Poor

Taal is one Boring movie and is given the nick name Lucky Hit. The songs were a Great Hit, which is why the movie had a head start. Subash Ghai has given us many great Hits, but he has disappointed this time. Akshay Khanna goes over the top, with his weird acting in a immature role. He delivers a boring performance that makes u sleep. Anil Kapoor is responsible for fabulous movies in the past. As they say let bygones be bygones, let the past stay like that. Anil gives a dreadful performance in a unusual character that tried too be funny. Aishwarya Rai is overrated as it is, gives a boring and stupid character once again. The movie was so predictable, full of annoying characters. A big Bore is how i can describe this movie. Horrible, do not waste your time.