0.5 Poor


This movie's story is Sometimes it takes just one incident to transform your life forever. In war a soldier encounters such life changing experiences everyday, necessitating an attitude of mind and course of conduct sometimes against social acceptance.

We know, too, that war is never pleasant, that in the midst of war, even when it is a just war, evil is present. The backdrop of war has produced many stories of love and hatred, revenge and retribution some popular and some not so famous. One such story is that of Maj. Kuldeep Singh, a decorated officer of the Para Battalion who overcomes personal trauma and social indignity to uphold the morals of the army and the honour of a women rejected by society and family, while keeping alive the memory of his beloved daughter Sukhmani.

On that fateful day when the beautiful valley of Jammu & Kashmir is bloodied by the gruesome killings of his devoted wife and treasured daughter at the hands of terrorists, Maj. Kuldeep Singh's life is thrown into disarray. To maintain his sanity and avoid falling into a black hole of depression, he returns to his duty, fighting the terrorists with renewed vigor and the need to avenge his family. When for a second time he fails to save the life of an innocent girl who becomes a victim of the terrorism, Maj. Kuldeep Singh becomes a broken man.

However, a soldiers war is never over and when duty calls again, he goes out to repatriate innocent civilians from the Wagah border, meeting Reshma, he decides that protecting her from the social stigma of society as well as from the evil intentions of his own comrade has becomes his goal in life. He faces dishonor and social exclusion, but unwaveringly fights back for his rights, the rights of a woman dispelled by society and the future of a little girl who has nothing to do with terrorism and the hatred in this world.

Sukhmani shows us both good and evil lie within each of us, however when faced with exceptional circumstances each, human acts differently. It shows us that sometimes we have to make choices that are always accepted by society. Sukhmani shows us that there is hope for life....
That's the story about.This is a flop movie.