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Sooper Se Ooper Movie Review

Sooper Se Ooper Movie Rating

Last seen in the film GO GOA GONE, Vir Das left an impression of an actor who has the potential to go places, unfortunately though it seems like his choice of films isn't that great. SOOPER SE OOPER, written and directed by Shekhar Ghosh is the story of Ranvir's [Vir Das] fortune that has taken a turn for the worse. Forced to sell his ancestral land in Mumbai is his only way to survive. But hurdles abound in the form of Kukreja [Deepak Dobriyal] who has put all on stake to get the plot of land. While this dismal piece of land means everything to both Ranvir and Kukreja, the key to the land is Ranvir's uncle Madho Singh Rathore [Gulshan Grover], in Mandawa. This is where the film gets its apparent twist, for while the all so important land remains in limbo, the duo (Ranvir & Kukreja) battle it out to attain the rights via a NOC from Madho Singh.

The story follows Ranvir's journey in pursuit of his grandfather and bring him back to Mumbai so as to release his claim on the said property. On the other hand, Kukreja goes all, out with his two constantly bumbling minions, to reach Madho Singh first. It is on this quest that Ranvir finds love in the 'gaon ki chori' Gulabo a.k.a. Gul [Kirti Kulhari].

Despite having the makings on a typical Bollywood love story complete with the gun totting villains and the quintessential village belle, the film quite literally has no high points. Apart from the fact that the maker wanted to focus on the topic of an Indian superstition that 'making a will is an indication that that your time has come' the viewer is hard pressed to see any real point. Though filmed in Rajasthan and gritty Mumbai, the story depicts the journey of a city slicker to the village and vice-versa.

While Vir Das initially does a good job of playing the financially distressed youth in search of his uncle, somewhere down the line as the film progresses, he loses interest in the film. From here on Vir's performance is a standard flat line. Gulshan Grover, known for his proverbial 'Bad Man' image is terribly underutilized as the Oxford returned lecturer Madho Singh Rathore. On the other hand, Yashpal Sharma dives wholeheartedly into his character, perfectly embodying it. However Kirti Kulhari is simply a waste, if used even as an eye candy. The two dance sequences featured on her utterly lack choreography and come out looking like a forced sequences with background dances as time fillers.

At the end of the day, SOOPER SE OOPER that faces stiff competition this week with six films releasing, certainly has more than an uphill task of manage to make it past the weekend. Though the film has an interesting story line with more than praise worthy comic actors, the sad under usage of talent plagues the film. If that wasn't enough, the final nail in the coffin is the fact that despite being promoted as a comedy the film almost never makes you laugh.

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