5 Excellent

Slumdog Millionaire

A.R. Rahman not only does it AGAIN but he does it with the international stage watching and applauding!!!
This soundtrack is simply fun to listen to and great with paired with the beautiful visuals! When they say this film has it's pulse on Mumbai than Rahman soundtrack is the heart beat! I did not know going into the film who had done the music, quite frankly I knew little about the film, but when I heard I KNEW it was distinctly the flair and genius of Rahman and he did not disappoint! Now with the Golden Globe under his belt I pray that with his music India is appreciated again after a long time at the Oscars as well! This man knows his country and he knows how to put the land into lyrical and note form!! And this movie is not a movie without the dance number and Jai Ho is great fun to watch on screen and fun to sing to! Every note screams India and this is the culture!!! Thank you Mr. Rahman!!!!