3 Good


So,this is Vikas Bahl's second directorial. This time in collaboration with Dharma Productions.

The music is composed by Amit Trivedi, this time too. And he does not disappoint. All the tracks fit perfectly into the movie, and make the movie a much more pleasant experience.

Pankaj Kapur is the star of the movie for me, and that is no surprise considering he is arguably the best actor in the country. Sanjay Kapoor does a fine job too. Shahid and Alia's chemistry will make you feel in love. They look great together, and play their parts with great flamboyance. The other supporting actors are not used as props, and have great characterization.

The dialogues are great, the scenes memorable, and the locations picturesque.

The movie is a comedy, with a bit of romance. Don't go in expecting much of seriousness, and drama; and you will come out smiling.