2 Average

Director Mr. Omung Kumar work is good. Story is based on real incidents. Screenplay written by Utkarshini Vashishta and Rajesh Beri, is in two parts. Just OK till 15 minutes of interval but after that it is quite impressive. Same happens with dialogues witten by Utkarshini Vashishta, too. It seems that film has been written by two different persons in parts without collaborative effort. In starting fifteen minutes of film, you witness brutal torture, cage captivation and worst condition of Sarbjit, all of them start strangulating you so after that all light scenes of flashback go in vain. They fail miserably to give any relief. Till interval they do not show anything new than it was in news. Film just look like a docu-drama. Only information has been conveyed without any interesting scene. Film starts taking grip when his sister and family go to meet him in Pakistan jail. This meeting scene is well executed, well performed and have a different spark. Dialogues are very balanced and impactful too. After this scene, whole flick maintains a good crescendo. Sarbjit wife emotional confrontation scene with his sister Dalbir is also highlight of film. There are short scenes but very good one like a person comes to meet Dalbir in Pakistan to sign some petition in favor of Sarbjit, Dalbir speech to media. Film again dips in pre climax when suddenly rain song comes. Few scenes are over board like Dalbir violent and one sided speech to Pakistan public in pre climax. It could have been applaud deserving if it would have been brief and non biased. Sarbjit daughter burning his belonging and rudely talking with Sarbjit is also loud. Performance wise Randeep Hooda as Sarbjit, is amazing, especially in all his jail scenes. Aishwariya Rai as sister Dalbir is fantastic. You can feel her trauma, anger and conviction in every frame. Richa Chaddha as Sarbjit wife is impressive. In the scene where she speaks sick Dalbir is outstanding. Her expression in the scene where Dalbir goes violent is perfect. Darshan Kumar as Pakistani lawyer is very good.