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Old wine in an old bottle. That sums up SANDWICH, directed by Anees Bazmee.

Had SANDWICH released a few years ago, when Govinda and his brand of comedy had its share of viewers, things might have been different. But SANDWICH comes too late in the day. Nothing works -- not the cast, not the performances, not the script, not the jokes, humour, gags and punches� kuch bhi nahin.

Inspired by films like GHARWALI BAHARWALI and SAAJAN CHALE SASURAL, this SANDWICH is most avoidable.

Sher Singh [Govinda] lives with his mother and sister in Punjab. He arrives in Mumbai to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer; the pen name is Shekhar. He is in love with Nisha [Raveena Tandon], but her father is dead against the marriage. Her father decides to get her married to his friend's [Kiran Kumar] son [Raj Zutshi].

Sher aka Shekhar has to return to his village after he receives a call from his mother. Shekhar gets to know that his sister's marriage has been fixed to the Collector's son. But there's a pre-condition: Shekhar will have to marry Sweety [Mahima Chaudhary], who loves him since childhood. The marriage is solemnized.

Shekhar returns to Mumbai. Meanwhile, Nisha, who is being forced to marry someone she doesn't love, tries to commit suicide. Her father pacifies her and gets her married to Shekhar. Raj Zutshi attacks Shekhar, but Nisha's father is killed and even Raj is killed subsequently. Shekhar is now entrusted with the responsibility of running the business.

The complications in Shekhar's life begin. Both Sweety and Nisha give birth to boys who look identical. A few years later, Sweety arrives in Mumbai in search of Shekhar. Sweety and Nisha bump into each other and are surprised to see that their sons look identical. Both develop a bond of friendship. They even come to know through their children that even their husbands look identical. At this juncture, a look-alike of Shekhar enters the scene and all hells break loose.

Since SANDWICH has taken a long time to hit the screens, what you watch on screen is difficult to digest. There's so much confusion and chaos all through that you impatiently wait for the movie to end. Really, nothing appeals. Anees Bazmee's direction is old-fashioned, like his script. Musically, nothing to hum about.

Govinda looks out of shape and his on-screen antics are a big yawn. Raveena and Mahima's garish makeup and outfits give the film a stale look. Satish Shah, Reema Lagoo and Kiran Kumar are passable. Raj Zutshi hams.

On the whole, SANDWICH is a poor show. With the stale look on one hand and a poor start on the other, this SANDWICH is sure to be sandwiched in the midst of biggies.

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exallent movie. this is the funniest movie i ever seen in my life.

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