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Sanam Teri Kasam Music Review



A film with newcomers often promises to throw a surprise or two. However, expectations are even higher when one of the top composer-lyricist duo, Himesh Reshammiya and Sameer Anjaan, come together to support these newcomers with an out and out musical. Moreover, director duo of Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru know a thing or two about music, as has been proven with their earlier two films, Lucky - No Time For Love and I Love NY. One plays on the music with good anticipation.


It's a brilliant start with Himesh Reshammiya hitting the right note with the title song 'Sanam Teri Kasam'. The sound of guitar is intoxicating to say the least and soon enough Himesh's patent violin comes on, hence setting the stage for Ankit Tiwari to go ahead and take over the song. He is superb in his rendition and while Himesh's wonderful composition keeps you glued on, Palak Muchhal's entry into the scene only makes the song further melodious. No wonder, when the 'Reprise version' comes next, you are happy to lap it, what with Mohammed Irfan leading the show this time around and doing well along with Palak.

There is a change in mood immediately with Neeti Mohan taking over the stage with 'Kheech Meri Photo'. A 'drunk song' which doesn't have the usual gimmicks that are associated with a number belonging to this genre, this one has the right pace to it and is beautifully endearing, hence making you hear it on a repeat mode. With a 'desi' flavor to it, this one has Akasa Singh & Darshan Raval giving good company to Neeti while joining the fun.

The next song of the album comes with Himesh Reshammiya reserving the tune for himself in the capacity of a singer. If you are the kind who love Himesh singing his own songs, the 'Bewajah' is a gift in the offering as the singer in him goes all out in making sure that he lends complete justice to his composer self. What also help are the lyrics of yore that are put together by Sameer Anjaan that further elevate the show.

Guest lyricist Shabbir Ahmed comes in next and he pretty much adds on to the mood of the soundtrack with 'Tera Chehra' which has love written all over it. Arijit Singh is roped in as a singer here and one has to admit that he pretty much sings as per the mandate of Himesh Reshammiya School of Music. While the trademark 'tabla' plays in the background for this almost unplugged version, one wonders why Himesh hasn't been composing much more often for films today. This is yet another superb composition from him, hence making it four in a row for the soundtrack.

There is a certain haunting quality about the manner in which 'Haal - E- Dil' kick-starts. A track that has Sreerama Chaandra leading the show, this one has a sad appeal to it and while musically it is fine, one does feel a tad distracted, when compared to the lovey-dovey songs that had been heard earlier. The song is repeated with Neeti Mohan as a singer and while the start is different in terms of instruments, the core essence remains just the same. That said, when compared, this version sticks to you a little better, especially the manner in which Neeti sings this one.

Neeti Mohan stays on even as Himesh Reshammiya joins her behind the mike for 'Ek Number'. Now this is the kind of song that Himesh has actually composed in dozens around a decade ago. He also turns lyricist for this song which aims at being all playful, youthful and energetic, what with everything from Wikipedia and Google coming into picture. Thankfully, it doesn't go ballistic in its pace and sound, hence staying subtle. That said, the song takes a different turn in the 'antara' portions and gets into the familiar romantic territory.

It is a club sound for 'Main Teri Yaadon Mein' that kick-starts the proceedings for this Arijit Singh number that has an early 80s feel to it. A retro track that reminds one of many a Mithun Chakravorty picturised love songs from his 'dancer' era. There was a certain style in which yesteryear singer Vijay Benedict used to croon and Arijit Singh pretty much comes close for this Subrat Sinha written track.


The soundtrack of Sanam Teri Kasam pretty much meets the good expectations one had from it. With as many as four chartbuster material songs in there, expect this one to soar further high in weeks to come.


'Bewajah', 'Sanam Teri Kasam', 'Kheech Meri Photo', 'Tera Chehra'

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