4 Very Good


6 heroes ...6 heroines..3 music directors..1 kool director...a movie with all most everything to make a movie superb....but the main thing which is missing is the story...starting with John-Vidya followed by Anil-Juhi-Anjali , Akshaye -Ayesha , Govinda-Shannon,sohail-ishaa..& in the end Priyanka - salman...the 1st half starts of well with great doze of comedy & 4 songs flowing 1 after another...but the 2nd half eventually slows down...making the audience look here & there...sohail khan stands out among the whole list of superstars acting as the horny& dumb bridegroom....John proves that he can act with an emotional role..Anil is normal & looks good after shaving his trademark moustache..Akshaye is superb but his role reminds u of the one in Shaadi se pehle & Aap ki Khatir..Govinda should have made this his comeback movie..he surely has more role in this than he has in Bhagam Bhag.. salman is the one among the guyies to be wasted....he hardly is there..& even his role is half baked making things unbelievable...the girls dont have much to do but still all of them carry of well..Ayesha,Vidya,Ishaa,Juhi,Shanon & Priyanka being the best in the lot.. John-Vidya & Govinda-Shannon are the best ones among the whole buntch...shankar-ehsaan-loy have done a great jobs & the g8 chorogreophy also helps making the songs better..Mera dil is the only track missing in the movie..after making a superb Kal Ho Naa Ho..nikhil tries his best..but is not upto the mark..maybe he should have tried such a huge movie a bit later in his career..on the whole its 6 ordinary hindi movies packed into one...but still a good time pass & surely worth a watch..