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The backdrop of the story starts with partition in India during 1947. Benazir who is Hema Malini moves to Lahore at the time of partition. In the panic, she left behind her baby in India. The baby was spotted by Amrit who is Rekha and her husband Rajveer who is Rishi Kapoor. They tried a lot to find out the parents, but failed. Finally, they raise the child who grows to be Ishaan who is Luv. After that the story of the movie reaches the 70s. Ishaan falls in love with Chandni (Ferena). The story moves further with typical opposition by the parents of the alliance as they belong to Hindu and Muslim religion. Rajveer decides to reveal the true picture of the birth of Ishaan. When Amrit came to know about the truth, she decides to take the kids to the Pakistan. But in the end, same as Amrish Puri in DDLJ, Hema let the kids stay in Hindustan and board the train back to Pakistan alone with her kids.

Luv is a debutant in the film has come up with an average performance. Ferena looks beautiful but to focus on her costumes and appearance. The actual starts in the movie are Rekha, Hema Malini and Rishi Kapoor. Shabana was superb, Javed Sheikh was impressive. The film is not for the youth and targets the mature family audience who likes to watch the storyline of 60s and 70s.
This is a flop movie.