0.5 Poor


It should be called SaaBOREiya -

I think the success of Black went to SLB's head. Everything in the film seems confusing. Is there any award for the most boring film. I would love to nominate this film. I would even suggest its title be changed to SaaBOREiya.

Even if Saawariya had been released with no competition, it would have had a tough time wooing audiences.

The youngsters are promosing but they could have got a better film. There was no use of keeping Salman's character (a 10 min role) so mysterious.

At least 20 people, out of some 600 at the screening, walked out half way through the film which is about two hours and thirty minutes long.

And the climax is so tame and unconvincing that it ruins the film which was already in much trouble.