5 Excellent


Taran what´s wrong with u?I respect that u r a big srk fan but as a critic pls guide us as viewers on the right path.SAAWARIYA IS A CLASSIC!how can u thrash a SLB film and express ur partial views on a noted website like Indiafm for a masala entertainer made by farah khan?were u not invited for the premiere of Saawariya?u can continue terming srk king khan or badshah but the fact remains he is just another actor nothing more or less!the times of kings and badshah are bygone in our country if I m not mistaken india is a democratic country without kings and badshahs so please rate him on his acting not his fan following.as a good critic we await from u a unbiased review of a film which can help us to understand the nuances of a film better.we dont need to know whether the film will work at the BO or not.I mean as a experienced critic u must understand the class and genius of a director like SLB.u say the Story of Saawariya is not that good.tell me whats the story of OMO?why do u find it so novel?its a timepass masala film agreed but then why does it deserve 4.5 rating from u?I am really very dissappointed by your reviews on both saawariya and OMO as I find them biased!I have been a big fan of urs and really didnt expected this from u!