1.5 Average


Its high time someone informed SLB that direction involves a lot more than choosing a color scheme and hiring a set designer(Go Go Omung K...good job). SLB seems to have given up on his audience after the unfair debacle of Khamoshi.
The main characters in the film should include besides the very handsome and able Ranbir and petite Sonam (tch, tch your parents, letting you debut like this!!) Rani mukherji's newly toned abs.(i kno how you feel honey, that jiggle never really disappears, does it?
SLB seems to believe the only reason women Should don colour is if we were whores!(the dark innocence of BLACK and the sparkling Nandini in Hum Dil...scheming against tradition,Paro's riducule of a mother in devdas... tch tch)
So while the every sprigthly Gulabjee puts on a jhatak, Sonam bores us with her whining and waiting.
Beautiful songs boring visuals even more boring dialouges.
The censor board could have been kinder(atleast for our sake!) and let ranbir drop that towel maybe that would have lessened the ordeal!

p.s. I highly recommend SLB to add to the soundtrack some of the random comments that escaped the crowd during the screenin, it's about the only thing that kept me awake!!!