4 Very Good


Just saw Saawariya.I was quite confused to choose which one I would like 2 see 'Saawariya' or 'Om Shanti Om'-finaly its chosen.
After watching one word is coming in my mind & ie,'WOW'.This was the most visualy stunning hindi movie I have seen in my life.Hats off to Ravi K. Chandran(cinematography)& set designer too.The music is said to be not as devine as SLB's earlier flicks but from my point of view this is the most fasinating album of the year.Welcome to the Bolly lights Mr.Monty Sharma(music director).
Ranbir Raj(Ranbir Kapoor) no doubt is the best new comer in a few recent years.His charm,his carizma,his expressions sure do wins heart.
Sakina(Sonam) is simple ,fresh & charming.Her charecter in the movie is totaly the other side of Ranbir's charecter.While Raj expresses his fellings & emotions via words and body language,Sakina exprses through her eyes,her silence.Gulab(Rani) is very expressive but sometimes too over the top.Iman(Salman) was hardly there.Only GOD & SLB knows from where he emarges and disapairs.Zohra Sigal was excellent and we youngstars dont get to see what Begum Para is due to the script.
Sanjay tried hard to set his own dream land but his passion is seems to be missing.Script could have been better but it is understandable that filming Dostoevsky's WHITE NIGHTS on celluloid is not so easy.But to much grand sets and dark theme of the movie makes viewers plead to get to see day lights in the picture perfect fairyland's 2 hours play.
But on the whole it is a must see visual excellence.