4 Very Good


Saawariya by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is rich in visuals, arguably the best Indian film with such stunning cinematography, brilliant acting by the two newcomers and a completely different genre of storytelling. The narration is a first of its kind in In...(read more)dia and may not connect with everyone, hence the huge amounts of criticism the film is receiving. This is a difficult film to make, and Mr.Bhansali does it with conviction. Special mention of Ranbir and Sonam, who have protrayed such difficult roles with brilliance! Music my Monty is full of melody and the bacground score adds class to the film. The only flaw in my opinion is the film's lenght. Overall, Saawariya is a top class product from the most celebrated director of our country. Indian cinema needs a revival and to go global, this is just what films like Lagaan, Swades, Black and Saawariya are doing. 4 on 5.