4.5 Excellent


My review-

Saawariya-- Really good track.. catchy.. the only flaw is that it is tooo short.

Jab se tera naina- I love love love this track.. Shaan sounds awesome, its got sweet melody and beats, and will undoubtably be repeated on my MP3.

Mashallah- Again really nice.. Great melody and sound.. But the voice needs to grow on me more.

Thode badmash- This one reminds me abit of bairi piya from Devdas.. but Shreya sounds even sweeter solo.. and its a slow number with good lyrics, Like it alot!

Yoon Shabnami- A nice track with nice melody and simple lyrics.. needs to grow..

Daras bina chain- This one is very soulfull and more instrumental.. I love it!

Sawar gayi- Again a sweet number with Shreya.. but needs to grow on me more.

Jaan e Jaan- This one hasn't really clicked with me yet.. I think I will need to see the pucturisation..

Pari- Its ok.. but again the voice needs to grow on me.

Chhabbeela-- A fast number from the lot... Alka sounds quite good.. Really quite good!
Sounds like a track I may have listened to before..

Saawariya Reprise- I like it alot,.. but don't like the Yoldling as well.

Overall the best soundtracks to me are undoubtably the title song, Jab se tere naina (The most![/b], Mashallah and Thode badmash... and Darad bina is very good of you love a bit more instrumental ..

Its a very good and is different from Devdas and HDDS, but those needed to grow on me more after picturisation.. So I am happy here... The only big flaw is that the lyrics could of been better.