3.5 Very Good

Saas Bahu Aur Sensex

Saw it yesterday just after "Hulla" and definately was much better . A well made movie with Kolkata boy Ankur Khanna in the lead. This is may be his fourth movie after yuh hota to kya hota,Kabootar and Sirf but he sure is made a mark in this one. Another person worth a mention is Farouqh Sheikh who is outstanding in his performance as a parsi stock broker( Mr Setna).
As for the two charming Ladies , no i am not referring to Masumeh and Tanushree , but Kiron Kher and Lilet Dubey as usual live up to the expectation of promising performances.
The girls are okay, i think Masumeh's best performance till date.
Cute Movie
Come invest in Love.........
An insight to the stock market also.