2.5 Good

Saas Bahu Aur Sensex

if u want to watch an out 'n' out comedy then don't go for this movie.
peoples who likes to watch only fast movie and hollywood movie will also not like this movie.ladies of modern society will definitely like this movie.

Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is a Realistic Drama more then a story of one or two person.it is about effect of sensex up & down in modern society peoples life & business tycoons life on sensex with some small love stories. it has all masala we see on T.V. (Ladies kitty party, gossips ,love triangle & sensex) but in a realistic manner. one interesting concept is that ladies are investing in stocks leaving there serials.
movie also teach some basic things about stock market.

movie has some light situational comedy scenes but it is much more time pass drama then comedy.

on the whole movie is interesting in parts director concentrated on too many character's unable to give enough time to all of them.

in terms of acting Farooque Shaikh is brilliant Ankur Khanna, Kiron Kher, Masumeh Makhija are also good. Masumeh perform a seductive role.

songs are situational and short.

Direction is similar to Shona Urvashi previous movie chupke se. realistic but not to much entertaining.
movie could be better if it is fast and director able to give enough time too all small stories.