3.5 Very Good


Roy , the debut film of Vikramjit Singh is something about the robbery , a little something about his love story, little something about a filmmaker's getting high success of film making, a little something about his love story. Simply the plot of the film is one liner filled with thrilling romances. In Roy Arjun Rampal does the role of a successful filmmaker where as Ranbir Kapoor (Roy) is seen as a smart mysterious thief whom no one seems to be able to get their hands on. Pretty gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez does double roles interestingly in the film. Roy keeps constant attempt to earn money from the robbery and remains untraceable by the police, while Arjun Rampal(Kabir Grewal) , the film maker seems to be only the one making a profit by making multiple films based on Roy's life, all of which get high success at the box-office. Jacqueline Fernandez, another film maker (Ayesha ) gets mingled with Arjun Rampal who carries an image of a play boy. Roy actually, becomes welcomes of love triangle as these characters are merged together in one romantic love line and suspensable thrill.

Roy movie mostly is all about Arjun Rampal and that conveniently makes the story monotonous as Arjun Rampal who essays his character of Kabir Grewal a successful filmmaker, is bored , lacks inspiration to see it t,is stubborn and rude in spite of being successful filmmaker on the verge of making the third part of his super hit franchise. But in that context we should say that Arjun does play this character with much ease and does his job convincingly in the most part of this film. But such view mentioned above reaches in contradiction when he is found to be an unable to portray his feeling and emotions in the several portions of this film. His on screen chemistry with Jacqueline gives pleasures and thrill till the songs are going on but his vehicle of such romance tends to stop when songs tend to be stopped. Most of the cine-lover hearts may not in love with Arjun's character; The female audience does not look at him treating him as the romantic passionate lover.

Jacqueline Fernandez this film , is seen playing double roles , one of Ayesha who is a filmmaker and is merged with Arjun in romance and another one is Tia who possesses a huge estate in Malaysia. She is awesome to carry of both roles although she looks more elegant and ease in Ayesha's character. Probably that reason tells why her chemistry with Arjun looks more promising and luminous than that with Ranbir Kapoor. One very consolable good thing that filmmaker does in this film is that he has kept her anglicized accents to that audience keeps their admiration to her giving full marks.

Ranbir Kapoor plays the title character of the film Roy but sad is, here, that the movie does not revolve him, his character as if, is half baked. His motive and tendency behind his robbery does not come with an extraordinary thrill but it happens in plain and makes a cause to get bore. Audience does not look at him with their hot impression. Some how he does not look much ease playing this role of thief in the film which does not make concrete a chemistry not only with Jacqueline but also with the whole plot of the film.

In the final consideration it is said that in the film the crispy story-line gets short and it contains many loop holes as lull moment in the film.. Ranbir Kapoor passes through a fictitious character and that has been more gripping, which to a certain extent goes favor for the plot but later on it goes topsy turvery to the plot of the film, thus it makes a very confusing experience for the viewers. But it keeps us shake in impression with beautiful cinematography and it deserves thanks from us its choosing beautiful and gorgeous Malaysia . And love track of three characters come to be bearable as singers add their soul to the song taking a vow to lessen its bored and cliche romances.