1.5 Average


Roy! Well d director is definately a big fan of d famous story of hair nd d tortoise bcoz dis movie is even slower dan dat tortoise ! Slow nd steady cant help u to win d race in bollywood for sure ! Roy d movie starts nd just aftr 10 mins u start wondering wats happening ! It is very confusing ! I dont no wat exactly was on d directors mind while making dis movie ! Talk about d music , yes d music is catchy nd u definately njoy sooraj dooba hain nd tu hai ki nahi during d movie ! D dialogues r just above average ! Arjun rampals acting is very poor ! Jacqueline throughtout d movie looks amazing nd she is d only reason y someone would sit till d end ! Ranbir Kapoor wid dis so called speical role is nt all great if u compare wid his other performances ! I believe d director should've given a brief intro bfor d movie on wat actually is going to happen ! On d whole, as a student i would say #Roy is like dat chapter of d syllabus which u would omit for sure bcoz it needs too much of brains nd concentration !
Until nd unless ur a very big Jacqueline fan plz dont waste ur money on dis one !