4 Very Good

Absolutely Rocking movie. I saw it today and it definitely made my day. When i returned home I had the after effects of the film with me. Like strumming the guitar and singing NA NA NA NA NA. Humming almost every song that is.

Plot: 4 friends who had a rock band named Magik has now disbanded due to some misunderstanding and 10 years later they are back together trying to live their long shattered dream. To reunite Magik and perform on stage again.

Wonderful performance by Farhan Akhtar, he delivers like a pro his voice in the songs as well as his voice in the dialogue delivery I loved it to the core. He has that roughness in his voice that defines a rockstar a rocksinger to be precise. The songs of the movie are the show stealers. Everyone of them gems. Best to be heard in your car stereo system. Absolutely the songs in the theatre Dolby system sounds so energetic and you certainly take to it instantly even if Rock is not your kinda music.
Arjun Rampal stands out with his best performance of his career after OM SHANTI OM. Prachi Desai the telly girl makes it on the big screen with an impressive debut performance. Purab and Kenny are first rate.
Leaving Performances aside. The cinematography is superb like some dark feel to it and the direction is top notch regarding the concert camera angles shown. Look spine chilling.
The MUSIC is the main HERO of the movie. India's first movie on Rock Music had to have a masterpiece of Soundtrack from Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Look out for these tracks: ROCK ON, Pichle Saat Dino Mein,Sindbad The Sailor, Socha Hai, Tum Ho To all of which sung by Farhan Akhtar himself.

Watch this new breath of fresh air in movies in Bollywood. You will definitely get Rocked in ROCK ON!!!! Absolutely Must Watch!!!